Hello and Welcome!

Hi Guys!  Thanks for taking the time to pop in here.  Unfortunately, today was myself and the Lynch’s last day on iWakeup.  It has been amazing to spend mornings with you over the last couple of years, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.  The facebook page will be going soon, so I’ve started this blog so that I can continue to post newspaper stories, youtube videos, songs, photos and stories I think you might find interesting.  I’ll be updating on a regular basis, so bookmark it and pop back if you fancy a bit of an escape from your work/study/however you occupy your time.  For now, enjoy Boogie Boogie Hedgehog!

Feel free to comment, and hopefully the banter can continue here!  x


  1. Niki · April 8, 2010

    I Didn’t know ye were leaving!!!
    Whose taking the show now???
    They can’t be as good as you!!!!

    • Ciaran Scully · April 18, 2010

      ya probaly know now but Dave O Connor is on i wake up!

  2. shingo · April 8, 2010

    sounds like your leaving the whole place ,

  3. Brian Fahey · April 8, 2010

    Ah here 😦 r ya serious! No way, yer the only thing that gets me up NSA morning! Like seriously is this for real! I’ll never get up for work n time if I can’t listen to ye rippn the piss and Havn a laugh! Seriously this is crazy sh1t altogether!! It’s a savage show!! What a balls

  4. Fearg · April 8, 2010

    What? I didn’t know ye were leaving, why is that?
    Whos taking over from ye?

  5. Jamie · April 8, 2010

    i wake up on i 102 104 is GONE OH MY GOD what will brightin up my mornings now bye conor and lynch you will never 4gotten!!!!!!GOODBYE…!!

  6. Daniel · April 8, 2010

    Noooooo 😦 I loved listening to you guys on the bus to college in the mornings…

  7. Siobhan G · April 8, 2010

    Louise dont go i love listening to you in the mornings, had no idea u were going as was on my hols, so what you gonna get up 2?

  8. Andrea · April 9, 2010

    Noooooo! This can’t be happening, you two are what gets me up in the morning!!! Please come back, I’ll be your bestest friend… 😦

  9. David · April 10, 2010

    hi louise. listened every morning. it makes no sense to kill your morning show just like that. something does not add up here. anyway best of luck for the future. hope we will hear you on the airwaves soon again. we will be tuning away from and back to today fm for breakfast for now as we did before i existed

  10. smileyface · April 10, 2010

    Really sorry to hear that Louise, I really liked your show and I don’t like anything else on i102-104. You made me switch over from Ian Dempsey and Colin and JimJim! Lynch was great too! What’s your plan now?

  11. Chris Campbell · April 12, 2010

    now i’m going to have to stay up on the bus with the help of the shitty shocks 😦 and possibly homework!!!


  12. Ronan Fla · April 12, 2010

    Iwake up with dave o’connor! not right! we want louise and lynch back(http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Back-iWakeUp-with-Louise-Lynch/111840332177670?ref=ts)! couldnt believe it last nite when petey G was on i talk and den dave was on brekfast!

  13. Christina · April 12, 2010

    HI Louise,

    Only just heard ABSOLUTELY gutted. soooooo glad every1 is behind ye hope ye get back on iwake up. The drive 2 work won’t be the same, but i suppose it was a gradual loss 4 me compared with other as only got 2 list 2 it for half the journey -DAM mountains.

    Best of luck in all you do, will be following u on twitter and here.

    Love a gutted, C’tina.

  14. Laura Browne · April 14, 2010

    Hi Louise
    I’m so sorry to hear you are gone from I radio. You were the best presenter there and you and Conor had such a fab show in the morning. It would cheer up anyone! Anyway it won’t be long til some talent scout snaps you up as you are awesome!
    Best of luck!

  15. Anne · April 16, 2010

    Dear Louise – I am just so sad that your show does’nt fill my kitchen in the mornings with your energy . You are an excellent presenter and you have a great future ahead. Nobody will ever do sound advice like you & Lynch.

    I dont listen to iwake now as its just not the same. You were very loved and I can sincerely say very very missed.

    You are just so lovely and had such an honesty about you and you did make me laugh even when the kids were driving me nuts and not getting ready for school on time.

    Wish you every success in your career and I will be hanging out to see you snaps you up so I can tune in …

  16. L · April 17, 2010

    just got back from holidays to discover louise & lynch are gone, absolutely heartbroken 😦

  17. Ciara · May 2, 2010

    guys, i miss ye soo much…like, stupid dave would never shout at an apple!!
    what the hell like, why did theygo and screw everything up, like everyone loved iradio the way it was. why fix it if it aint broken?

    im so sorry louise..,
    all my best wishes
    love Ciara XXX

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