Music Notes

Ha!  See what I did there?  Because music notes are the yokes on the page that tell musicians what to do and these are notes on music!  Eh?  EH?!?


Anywho, just wanted to jot down a few lines about the music in my life over the last 24 hours or so.

First of all, HOW GOOD WAS CONOR O’BRIEN ON JOOLS HOLLAND?  Holy Moses, I swear to God Villagers were the performance of the night.  You can stick your Marina and your Hot Chip as far as I’m concerned.  Heard from him this morning, he said the whole thing was incredibly surreal.  I bet it was!  Anywho, if you somehow missed it, check it out here:

I honestly just can’t stop watching it.

Also of note is the fact that we are hearing new things from Scissor Sisters .  I like this song, which is a sneak preview from their new album out at the end of June.  It feels a little bit more grown up than their previous releases.  Can’t wait to hear more.

Otherwise over the last 24 hours I’ve been listening to a lot of Jónsi.  He is the guitarist and vocalist for Sigur Rós who are currently on an indefinite hiatus during which he is focusing on solo stuff.  You can stream his whole album here.  It’s well worth it.  Also streaming?  The new LCD Soundsystem, which I hopped on straight away as I am counting the days til I see them live in Dublin next week.  Thus far, the album hasn’t really grabbed me in the way Sounds of Silver did but I’m going to give it another few goes before I make a final decision.

Now for a classic.  Last night before we headed out the girls and I got neck deep into a nostalgia session.  It was all coming out:  Boyzone, Westlife, 5ive, B*witched – the whole gang was there!  But one song stood out.  All Saints – War of Nerves.  WHAT a TUNE.

God dammit but they were feckin’ cool in their combats and all.  I was lucky enough to see them perform in Wembley when I was 16.  It was like a dream – a friend whose dad worked in the music industry rang me up at around 4 in the afternoon and asked if I wanted to go.  I said “DOES A BEAR SHIT IN THE WOODS?”  Well in reality I probably said something like, “Yeah, I well want to go!” (The year in England had a funny effect on my accent and slang.)  She said, “Ok, I’ll be there in half an hour, we’re going in a limo.”  Thought I was going to die.  If Rachel Zoe had been there she would have been “Dead…on the floor…”  Anywho we went, we were in the 3rd row, and who was in front of us?  Only bleedin’ Emma Bunton and Mel B!  It was 100% completely amazeballs.  Anyway, back to business.

To this evening!  I’m heading to the Roisin Dubh to see Hypnotic Brass Ensemble which I am very very excited about.  They are a Chicago based group of 8 brothers who play funk and soul covers on brass instruments.  Very cool.  They can be heard most recently on Gorillaz “Plastic Beach”.

So, thar she be.  Off to enjoy some sun now!

Louise xoxo

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