Ah Kids…

I’m at my aunt and uncle’s house tonight which is always lovely because:

A) They are good people

B) My aunt makes PHENOMENAL dinners

C) My cousins are GAS.

This evening I checked their homework with them and for the most part it was stellar.  Tom who is 8 had some issues with his.  Part of his spelling homework is to use the words in sentences, which he got started on at after school club this afternoon.  When he broke them out I had to really stifle the laughter.  Check out number 1.

Fabulous.  I later overheard this as well…

Tom (8, responsible for sentences) to Jack (10) “why would there ever be a chance in hell Jack? That’s a bad saying. It should be a chance in heaven.”

He’s obviously going through a theological phase.

One comment

  1. Mandy · April 23, 2010

    Awh…that’s adorable…i love “i got flung to space”!!! brilliant….. I have a 5yr old boy and like that some of the stuff he comes out with is pretty priceless!!! His friend’s mum is having a baby and he was telling me for months that she has a baby in her tummy but i wouldn’t believe him until i seen. I was talking her and i told her that my boy had told me already that she was having a baby and she said that her boy said that my boy doesn’t like babies. I had to laugh, i was imagining that conversation…. He tells me all the time that he’s “allergic to babies”!!!!

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