Sandra Speaks!

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who hasn’t felt for Sandra Bullock over the past 3 months.  The timing of the revelation that her husband had cheated on her couldn’t have been worse.  Just days before, she had stood on the stage of the Kodak Theater while accepting her Academy Award for Best Actress and professed her love for him.  The humiliation she must have felt is unimaginable.

Now, she has spoken for the first time.  In an interview with People Magazine she says that she has filed for divorce and most surprisingly that she has a new son.  A 3½-month-old boy, born in New Orleans named Louis Bardo Bullock.  Apparently she began the adoption process with her soon to be ex husband 4 years ago and they brought the baby home in January.  She is now finalizing the adoption process as a single parent.

This just adds to the tragedy of the whole situation.  She must have been blissfully happy on Oscar night.  A best actress award, a happy marriage, and a new baby.  WHY do people cheat?  And more than that, why do people cheat REPEATEDLY?

Hope you have a happy day devoid of infidelity.

Louise xoxo

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