Brian McFadden is a Bit of an Eejit Really…

Brian McFadden has been living what seemed to be a happy and successful life in Australia with fiancee Delta Goodrem for years now.   I always thought, more power to him!  He was never going to be taken seriously on this side of the world so I was happy to see him become a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and get to number 1 recently in a collaboration with Kevin Rudolph.

However, he seems to be shooting himself in the foot of late.  It started with a Twitter rant about his ex-wife Kerry Katona.  She gave an interview to the News of the World in which she spoke about his infidelity and said that he didn’t have much of a relationship with his kids.  She said:

“He phones the girls about five times a year – but Lilly doesn’t really know who he is. I’ve never told them what really happened.”

She went on: “Brian has a new life in Australia now. I’m not bitter. I’m just sad for him. He’s missing out on two amazing little girls.”

He responded with these beautiful tweets:

“A certain pig-faced mole has suggested my own daughter Lilly doesn’t know me and I never talk to my kids.”

“Wish certain f—s would stop selling there (sic) stories to rags and get a real job…”

While I appreciate that if your ex was making allegations like this which were false then you would be angry, I can’t help but think his reaction was foolish.  Firstly, because it’s not right for children to read comments like this about their mother especially not from their father.  Secondly, because it only highlights the article which reminded me that he cheated on Kerry.  And that she was the injured party in their split.

Kerry recalled: “I thought we could work through it, but after Lilly was born, Brian told me he didn’t love me. I didn’t know it then but he’d met Delta.”

In 2004 Brian, 30, left Kerry. She admitted: “I didn’t fight. I saw the way he looked at Delta. He had never looked at me that way – I knew he had gone.”

Kerry’s worst fears were realised when she arranged for the children to see Brian who had just flown back to Heathrow – with Delta. She explained: “I remember thanking God I’d dressed up because this vision with a perfect figure, white shiny teeth, and a beautiful complexion was next to him. She was about a foot taller than me and I felt like a piece of rubbish.

“I was so nervous all I said was: ‘Hiya Love, are you all right?’ This to the woman who had taken my husband.”

That was just the start, because now he has courted controversy in his role as judge on Australia’s Got Talent:

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think he comes across very well here.  His “There are kids in the audience…” defense is weak to say the least.  He just comes across as a bit of a jackass.

If he wants to maintain his reputation in Australia as a well-liked all-round good guy he’d want to cop on before he gets way too big for his boots.

One comment

  1. Ciaran Scully · May 1, 2010

    Damn Right Louise!ya know he deleted all those tweets cos he didn’t want to “stoop to Kerry’s level!”what a fool!

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