Heidi Montag. Wow.

So.  The new series of The Hills started 3 weeks ago in the states and it’s certainly caused a ruckus.  I’ve seen the first 2 episodes and there is one thing that is coming across very clearly.  Heidi and Spencer really are completely MENTAL.  You’re familiar with Heidi’s recent adventure in plastic surgery in which she underwent 10 procedures in one day and went from naturally pretty girl to plastic surgery freak.  She looks stretched, shiny and unnatural.  So, as you can imagine, all this has been tough for her mom to take, and she expressed her views honestly when Heidi asked her what she thought.  You can see some of it here in the trailer for the new series:

I thought it was great that someone in Heidi’s life was being honest with her and reminding her of who she really is (as opposed to Audrina and Lo who smiled and nodded at a barbeque when Heidi told them she wanted her boobs to be bigger, “H’s for Heidi”), but Heidi obviously did not.  According to American magazine Us Weekly:

Heidi Pratt is seeking a restraining order against her mom, Darlene, after she made a surprise visit to her L.A.-area home.

“My mom [Darlene Egelhoff] just showed up to the house unannounced… and after what she did to me on national TV, I have no desire to see her,” Heidi, 23, tells TMZ.com, referring to her mom’s disapproval of her 10 plastic surgeries in one day.

Heidi tells TMZ.com that she immediately notified her personal security team (the new issue of Us Weekly reports they employ 4 former Marines for protection) when Egelhoff began “pounding on the door.”

Spencer tells UsMagazine.com, “She’s gone. The cops took her away.”

“Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic,” Heidi says. “I’m getting a restraining order against her.”

This is just so very sad.  From the outside it’s difficult to understand how Heidi can’t see that her Mother seems to be the only positive influence in her life, but clearly she can’t.  I genuinely hope that someone manages to get through to her soon before she has herself completely destroyed, both physically and mentally.

Louise xoxo

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