If you listened to iWakeup back in the glory days…I jest, I jest (kind of)…you may have heard me mention Villagers, the musical project of Conor J. O’Brien.  Conor is an all round great guy full of loveliness and beauty but he is also a musical genius.  And that is no exaggeration.  I think about this every day, but today in particular because Villagers’ debut album is finally out!  He recorded it in the wilds of Donegal with just one other person, and it sounds FANTASTIC.  I honestly can not recommend it enough, I have a feeling I’ll be playing it for my children in 20 years time.

Just in case you need further convincing, check out Conor on Jools Holland a couple of weeks ago:

Go to a shop and buy the album.  (I know, I was as shocked as you when I realized you could still do that.)


Louise xoxo

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