Ronan and Yvonne

First of all, zuuuuuuuh???  Not in relation to the breakup, but in relation to the fact that I care.  I know I’m not alone in this confusion either, all day long I’ve been speaking to people who are bewildered by the strength of their reaction to the news.  I mean, we don’t know these people.  We don’t (to the best of our knowledge) care about these people.  However, for some reason, when we read the news we felt something.  Maybe it’s because Ronan has been so squeaky clean for so long, or maybe it was those Nintendo DS ads, but clearly we didn’t see this coming.

Come it has though!  And how!  My gay hotline was abuzz with rumour this morning, stories I’m afraid to share here for fear of legal repercussions, but let’s just say his story might not be as STRAIGHT as many have thought.  The infidelity story seems to be the accepted explanation, with a dancer on his recent solo tour being identified by most of today’s papers as the partner in crime.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds now…will we get a full explanation?  Will whoever this person is be tempted by the thousands of pounds they will undoubtedly be offered to tell their story?  To be honest, I hope not.  I mean, do we really need to know?  At this point another cheating story just saddens me.  It’s not hard to understand why so many women have given up on the idea of a gentleman.  And why so many of us have given up on the idea of a woman who would respect the idea of marriage.  Or commitment .  How can so many of us be happy to be the other woman?  Why can’t we respect each other enough NOT to sleep with someone who is with someone else?

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