Lessons from Tuamdance

Hello!  I have been a little absent from here the last few days, I apologize, but there was a good reason.  My friends and I were organizing a gig in Tuam called “Tuamdance” on Saturday night so the end of last week was fairly hectic.  The night itself didn’t end until Sunday afternoon, and yesterday was all about recovery.  However, here I am!  And I’ve learned some things I’d like to share with you.

1.  The most stressful and frustrating experiences often end up being the most rewarding and the most fun.

2.  Do not run around a car park at 8am to Elbow “One Day Like This” doing dramatic leaps if you have consumed many beverages.  When you fall, it will be funny…but also very painful.

3.  Making new friends is fun.

4.  The Cast of Cheers are a gift from God.  As guys, and as musicians.  Get their album here for free.

5.  If you weren’t there…you made a mistake.  PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE HERE.

Louise xoxo

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