Cleavage Caddy

While organizing Tuamdance over the weekend I had to carry around a lot of important stuff.  Envelopes of cash, my phone, chewing gum etc.  I was too busy to carry a handbag, so of course, I did what any large breasted woman would do.  I stored it all in my bra!  I know, I stayed classy San Diego.  However, lots of girls don’t have as much storage space in there as I do (and by the way, I’m not bragging about this…I pay for my boobs with a ginormous ass), but they need worry no longer!  The cleavage caddy is here!

Welcome to the world of booby storage!

Louise xoxo

One comment

  1. bettyandpearl · May 27, 2010

    How did no one come up with this before, it’s genius! I mean I, like your good self, also have plenty of storage room, but really, there is no way to search for coins or small objects in there with any hint of class or discretion. A cleavage organiser…I need one.

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