McDonalds Goes Gay

…but only covertly.  In France, McDonalds have a new campaign:  “Come As You Are”.  The idea is that McDonalds is a place that welcomes everyone, just as they are.  (Have to say I never really thought of it as a place with a strict door policy, but maybe “McDo” is different in France).  Check out one of their ads:

What do you think?  I think it’s a nice idea but seems like a fairly old skool way to tackle the topic.  I mean are we supposed to be excited that a gay character is in an ad?  That McDonalds has acknowledged that sector of society?  Obviously it’s good when any minority is represented in the media but I think they could have done better.  I mean, I would have been more impressed if they’d had 2 drunken gay guys wearing the face off each other on the way home from the Parisian equivalent of The George.  That’s accepting people as they are!

One comment

  1. medb · June 3, 2010

    i liked it. it makes mcdonald’s seem mature and current. unlike this amazing mcdonald’s ad that makes it seem weird and so hot right now…

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