Come Dine With Me: Wag Edition

My boyfriend and I love Come Dine With Me.  We love the characters, the love the drama but most of all we love the food.  Last night’s edition was a completely different experience, however.  It was the wag edition, and the food barely played a part.

If you haven’t seen it you can watch it here.  My highlights:

  • Reference to “Le-BOOT-ins” and “Diane Von Furttisberg” by Jessica Lawlor, Stephen Ireland’s wan.
  • Cissé’s wife Jude serving Angel Delight as dessert.
  • Jude pronouncing salmon “chicken”.
  • Emile Heskey’s fiancée showing the crew around her house where two portraits are proudly on display, one of Martin Luther King and one of Nelson Mandela.  She didn’t know who Martin Luther King was.  Brilliant.
  • Stephen Ireland’s wife’s accent.

WELL worth a look, if only to see into some of the wardrobes.

Louise xoxo

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