Katy Perry

I have mixed feelings when it comes to Katy Perry.  She can be incredibly irritating.  Her lyrics are horrendous.  I don’t know that I buy into her super-happy-cute-but-cheeky persona.  But…she doesn’t seem stupid, she isn’t 100% cookie cutter, and let’s face it she has one of the most bangin’ bodies around that even I, as a straight woman, can appreciate:

I mean, COME ON, who doesn’t want a body like that?  (Although after some consideration whilst at lunch with my friend Neil I have concluded that Kelly Brook is hotter). Finally, the nail in mixed up coffin,  I have to admit, I like that California Girls song.  I can’t help it!

Having said that, I was highly amused by this, an open letter to Katy Perry from Jesse Spano, Bayside High, Class of 1993. Ah Saved By The Bell…times were simpler then.

Louise xoxo


  1. Graham · July 5, 2010

    As for the whole Katy Perry/Kelly Brook “Banging Body”debate, don’t forget about Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks;

    • louisemcsharry · July 6, 2010

      I could never forget Christina Hendricks. However, I do think she could dress better for her body in real life. How cool is it that she models for her friend’s Etsy site?

      • Graham · July 7, 2010

        It would be cooler if her friend made corsets and not scarves 😉

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