Sunshine, Sweat and Shorts

Right, so I feel like a have a bajillion things to say here so I’m just going to go the bullet point route:

  • This humidity is not good for the Irish.  I am a frizzy, sweaty mess and I know I’m not alone.  The vast majority of us struggle in this “close” weather, and I therefore despise any people I see floating along in beautiful dresses free of dampness with glossy locks bouncing in the breeze.  I want to sit on a bench with a fan pointed at my face and throw rocks at them while eating a Tangle Twister.  (And yes, I know they’re called “Twisters” now but this old dog refuses to learn that new trick).  Who’s with me?  Adding to the sweaty/frizzy disaster is the fact that I’m peeling.  Last week I arrived home from Ibiza glowing, exclaiming “I’m so brown!” every five minutes.  Now, with every bit of skin that expelled from my body a tear falls from my sweaty eye as I kiss that dream goodbye.  But hey, at least it’s sunny right?!?
  • In a moment of what I can only assume was humidity induced insanity this morning, I bought a pair of shorts.  I’m wearing them at the moment.  They are khaki.  I’m not sure about them.  As a girl who is closer to 18 than 8 when it comes to size I’m not sure if I’m breaking some kind of rule in getting my thighs out for all to see.  They are comfortable though…oh God, have I reached the stage in my life where I dress for comfort?!?
  • I walked by this vespa today and had to stop to take a picture.  Want.  Now.  It’s neon orange and from 1992.  What could be better than that?

  • I like swinging.  [insert obvious joke here]  While in Ibiza I had a grand auld swing at about 4am in a children’s playground and am considering sneaking around the corner to the neighbourhood playground tonight for a go.  It’s a cheap thrill people, and in this economy it’s exactly what we need.


Louise xoxo


  1. AliFlamBo · July 2, 2010

    SAVAGE!!!!!! blog Laydee Mc Sharry.! (“,)

    Have missed your takes and openness while ya were away.

    Swinging is the BEST!!!!! there was a swing in the back garden of my gaf in Dublin this year.
    could NOT get enough of that shiz.!!


  2. bettyandpearl · July 2, 2010

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and also 100% agree with your point on humidity…I am sick of waking up sticky and hot before the day even begins! As for shorts, I don’t think I’m brave enough quite yet, but I am very very tempted by those 1950s style ones…could you call them culottes? I think you could. Culottes could be the way to go…is that even how you spell culottes? Right, googled, yes it is. x

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