Feeling Bloggy

God damn I’m feeling bloggy at the moment.  That’s the trouble with this craic.  Once you get into the groove everything seems like a good blog post.  Which leads me to the matter at hand:  LIDL LEMON SORBET:

DO NOT BUY THIS…if you are offended by the delicious and refreshing goodness of an inexpensive sorbet!  This is by far my favourite Lidl product, it really is fantastic and so very cheap.  On a related note, lemon flavoured products have some kind of hangover healing super power.  Buy them, store them, consume when necessary.  (Wow, I think that’s the first time in my life I spelled ‘necessary’ right on the first go.  Props to me!)

The reason I am consuming lemon flavoured products this morning is that I went to Panti Bar last night to see the The Panti (and Bunny) Show.  I’ve been wanting to get there on a Thursday for ages, as living in Galway had obviously thwarted my previous efforts, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I’ve always loved Panti, she is such an amazing drag performer, and last night’s excerpts from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane were amazing.  This time what really got me though was Bunny.  She is incredible.  I will never be half the woman she is.  I wanted to go home and order a corset and long wig online and practice doing my makeup until the two things arrived.  She is certainly an inspiration to embrace your femininity!

So there you are.  My boyfriend is home today after almost 6 days away and I am disgusted by how excited I am to see him.  I’ve learned that I use a roll of toilet paper to myself a week (it seems like a lot to me, does it seem like a lot to you?).  Oh AND, I wore the shorts in public and no one vomited on me so I think they might be ok.

Happy Friday people.

Louise xoxo

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