Last Night in Galway

There it was.  My last night in the Roisin as a Galwegian.  Now, I know I’ll be back visiting a lot, so I don’t want to get too maudlin here…but I can’t help but feel a little retrospective.  When I arrived here, I honestly thought I would never feel at home.  I remember walking across the Corrib and looking at people drinking in the sunshine at the Spanish Arch thinking, “That will never be me”.  But I was so wrong.

It’s cheesy, but I found myself in Galway.  I really did.  I made friendships that have changed my life and had experiences that taught me lessons.  I laughed (a lot).  I cried (a lot).  I learned (a lot).  A piece of my heart will always be in this city.  And the majority of my wealth will remain in the pubs coffers…(no seriously, I often thought that a portion of my wages should just go directly to Neachtains and the Roisin).  But the friendships and memories I will keep with me always, and they are absolutely priceless.

Galway, I love you.  I’ll never forget you.  And I envy anyone just beginning their time with you.

Thank you to everyone I laughed with and cried with.  You made it for me.

Louise xoxo

One comment

  1. AliFlamBo · July 10, 2010

    i can empathize with what you’re saying here Louise.
    it’s a very amazing place.x

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