Apologies.  Again.  Things have been hectic.  Again.  I’m just a bit rubbish at this when things get busy!  Anywho, to business.

I went to Oxegen.  It was fun, but very very wet.  I’m usually pretty good at tolerating the festival environment; I don’t moan about the toilets or lack of showers, and when it rains I fire on a poncho and get on with it.  But this was a different scale of bad weather.  It rained almost constantly from when we arrived on Friday til very late on Saturday night.  We’re talking proper, hard, so wet your skin goes pruney rain.  I did not like it, and at one point during Florence and the Machine I actually felt like giving up, but thankfully Dizzee Rascal came on and pulled me through.  Highlight?  Jay Z.  He was INCREDIBLE and should have been the headliner on Friday night if the lackluster crowd for Arcade Fire were anything to go by.  Lowlight?  Laura Marling’s set being ruined by sound problems and the volume of the Main Stage and the Vodafone Stage.

In other news, I have moved home for a while.  I am excited about the prospect of having my clothes in a wardrobe for the first time in a few months, although my sister is going to have to move some crap out of the room I’m sleeping in at the moment before I manage that.  She has very generously donated one of her TWO rooms in the house for this interim period.  I am learning a lot about her taste in music while sleeping there, she has the lyrics of three songs stuck to the wall beside the bed.  They are:


Best 12 year old ever?  I think so!  Aside from the room situation, it’s nice to be home.  The presses have food in them, my dog is happy to see me, and I don’t have to worry about the ESB.

AGH!  Sorry, just heard on BBC 6music that my friend Conor has been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize!  ZOMG!  So excited!  Must go and text loads of people…

Back later.

Louise xoxo

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