Elisabeth Hasselbeck

One of the greatest tragedies of Irish television in my opinion, is the fact that noone has decided to show American television show “The View”.  It’s basically the show that spawned “Loose Women” and “Mid-day” on TV3.  Four women, sit around, and shoot the breeze about topical issues and chat to celebrity guests.  Wait, I should probably rephrase that, because shooting the breeze sounds like a nice chat you might have with friends while sipping on a mojito in your back garden, and more often than not these “chats” are more like an alcohol fueled domestic between mortal enemies at a family reunion.  It…is…BRILLIANT.  At the moment the panellists are Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar (lefty liberal gas woman), Sherri Shepherd (all round nice lady) and my favourite:  ELISABETH HASSELBECK.

She is a complete and total nimrod.  Now I don’t think I’ve ever used the word nimrod before, but in this case it seems like the only appropriate term to describe the Hasselbeck.  Check her out here, in a fine example of her nimroddyness.  I wish wish WISH we could see her on our tv every day, because she is so often beautifully put in her place by the other women.  From this day forth, I shall commence giving you samples of her ignorance via this blog.  Welcome to a brave new world.

Louise xoxo


  1. Ciara Ní Ghabhann · July 28, 2010

    Wow. Totally justified use of the word nimrod. I wouldn’t have been so polite in describing here.

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