Some Songs and Things

There are lots of songs out there people.  Lots of them.  Here are some I think are good or interesting.

1)  John Legend and The Roots

I love John Legend.  I love the Roots.  So I really love the fact that they’ve collaborated for an entire album.  It’s great.  So is this song (also featuring Common and Melanie Fiona), it’ll ease you into any day.

As a result, they have been performing a cover of Arcade Fire, Wake Up at their live gigs.  It’s grand, interesting to hear a hip hop/soul group cover something rocky.  I’d quite like to hear it recorded properly by them, I think it could be incredible.

It is worth noting that I saw John Legend play Vicar Street about 4 or 5 years ago and he may be the ridiest person I’ve ever seen.  Holy Moses.  He is also an amazing live artist.

2)  This is incredible.  Adele is back, and she’s back with a BANG.  This performance is amazing – goosebumps, funny feeling in tummy, etc.

3)  If you know me, you know I love Robyn.  And if you know me REALLY well you know that a Salt and Pepa tape was the best present I got for my 11th birthday so this is blowing my mind…


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