Girls Aloud Going Cheap!

I love this.  Members of Girls Aloud have been shocked and upset to learn that they are available for hire as premium escorts rom The Babylon Moscow Escort Agency!

Cue chorus of “Nice one!”s from men and so-inclined ladies across the world.  Don’t get too excited boys, of course you can’t rent the ladies for a night, but their image has been used to promote the agency’s services.  Understandably, they’re not happy about it.

A source told the Daily Mirror:  “It’s an embarrassingly old picture of the girls, so the company figured they might get away with using it.”  They could get sued of course, as they didn’t get approval from the girls’ management.  Fortunately, Cheryl and co. have seen the funny side. “They’ve been joking that Chezza’s been getting off to Moscow in Simon Cowell’s private jet…”  Surely that’s exactly the point?



One comment

  1. Kate · December 1, 2010

    MMMMM.Chezza dont really look like the Cheryl we been bombarded with theses days….got much work done love?????? :o) ;o)

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