What in the Name of Leona Lewis?!?

…is going on here?

I’ll tell you what!  Ir’s a load of failed Britain’s Got Talent/X Factor/Popstars contestants butchering Don’t Stop Believing a la Bill Nighy’s character in Love Actually.  According to the blurb under the Youtube video the song features:

Shaun Smith, Britain Got Talent 2009 , Stacey McClean, X Factor 2009 (Final 6 Girls) , Rikki Loney, X Factor 2009, Nikitta Angus, X Factor Series 3 (final 7), Kimberley Southwick, X Factor Series 4 (Final 12), PopStars, and more! All the singers are part of the G*Mania Stars.

The who now?  G*Mania of course!!  “Reality TV’s Ultimate Pop Group”!  Apparently the G stands for Glee, because that’s what inspired this mess.  I’m embarrassed for them.


  1. loveglee1 · December 3, 2010

    You are nasty, mean and not clever! These guys can all sing and have a right to express themselves – they have done it beautifully AND it’s ALL for charity – at least they have made an effort – what you do is not clever or funny – you must be a very sad individual! I don’t feel embarrassed for them, I feel sorry for you, you venomous cow! I hope you can sleep at night…or do i?

    • louisemcsharry · December 3, 2010

      That’s not in any way a disproportionate reaction. You are being quite reasonable.

  2. Stephen · December 3, 2010

    yeah Louise!! stop being a meanie to the crap wannabe failed no hopers 😉

    • loveglee1 · December 3, 2010

      Yeah Stephen tell me what your claim to success in life is? I am sure you are a really high achiever – giving life a real go, eh?

  3. Stephen McCabe · December 3, 2010

    I’ve always said that ’bout ya … “a venomous cow’ ….. Amazing

    • louisemcsharry · December 3, 2010

      I want that on my tombstone.

      • Conor · December 3, 2010

        Venomous Cow would make an awesome t-shirt slogan. Or the name of a really bitchy athlete on Gladiators – a show which, by the way, is overdue a revival!

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