It’s defo movie season, between now and the Oscars there are loads of good un’s coming out and I plan on seeing them all.  Thus, I’ve been to the cinema 4 times in the last week.

I started with “Love and Other Drugs”, which I dragged my poor suffering boyfriend to.  A mutual friend of ours had said he liked it, so I thought it would be a good romcom to force the other half to attend.  I was wrong.  In it’s attempt to be smarter than your average romcom I think it lost a lot of it’s charm.  As a comedy I think it’s weak, I may have laughed twice.  It certainly wasn’t for me.  (However, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention here that despite my best efforts, I am always irritated by Anne Hathaway and therefore may be somewhat biased).

After making Boyfriend go to LAOD, I couldn’t say no when he wanted to go to see “The Way Back”.  All I knew about it was that it had Colin Farrell and Siaoirse Ronan in it, and that apparently they had gotten Ed Harris into Father Ted during filming.  It was ok.  It starts out in a Siberian prison and follows a group of men on their challenging mission to escape and surivive the walk through Siberia, Mongolia and Tibet.  The acting was brilliant, but not a whole lot happens, (I fell asleep for 20 minutes, and missed nothing).

Next, I went to see “Catfish” in the IFI.  It is brilliant.  So cringey, so enthralling, and so tragic at times.  I highly recommend it.  There are some questions flying around about how real it is, but I think those questions always come up when a documentary is this striking.

And finally, “The King’s Speech”.  I went to see this last night.  It, is, BRILLIANT.  The cast is amazing, each role is perfectly performed.  (Apologies to anyone who was sitting near me and suffered my excited squeal when I realized that Princess Margaret was played by Karen from Outnumbered…total highlight.)  I can’t recommend it enough.  I would like it if every single person in and around the film got an award.

I’m currently DYING for the Black Swan and trying desperately to resist watching a screener.  It’ll be worth it to see it in the cinema I think.

I’ll be posting more about movies as the next few weeks go by, I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything you’ve seen recently, maybe you disagree with my views?



  1. Conor Ralph · January 10, 2011

    Hey Lou,

    Just saw The Fighter and 127 Hours this week.

    The Fighter is very good, I can see how some may not like it though. Christian Bale is amazing in it, a terrific performance. Mark Wahlberg looking well too! It’s a cool story and it seems to succeed in dodging a lot of the traditional boxing movie cliches. Worth a look!

    127 Hours was amazing. I mean, amazing. I wasn’t a massive fan of Slumdog Mullionaire so I take this movie as an example Danny Boyle personally making a mends for me! If your squeamish, you’ll have difficulty with some of it, but honestly, I beg you to watch it. If you see any movie this month, make it one of them. I don’t wanna spoil and details of it so I’ll just leave it at that!

    Hope you’re keeping well 🙂

    • louisemcsharry · January 10, 2011

      Hi Mr!

      Nice to hear from you. I just downloaded the Fighter, haven’t decided whether or not it’s one I’ll watch on the laptop or cinema it. Definitely going to see 127 Hours despite the fact that the concept completely freaks me out. I’ll report back.


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