The Kennedys

Thanks to all the hooplah that surrounds Katie Holmes, you are probably aware that a televised version of the lives and times of the Kennedys has been made in the U.S.  It was made by The History Channel and was due to be shown on the channel this year.

Not anymore.  According to the channel: “this dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand.”

Hmm…considering how much this must have cost (Katie Holmes and couple of Academy Award nominees don’t come cheap, reported budget was $25 million), it must have been a really inaccurate depiction.  The miniseries suffered criticism from the get go, with historians denouncing the script before the cast had been announced.  This was followed by reported campaigning by JFK’s niece (and Arnie’s wife) Maria Shriver and his daughter Caroline Kennedy for the miniseries not to be shown.  The result?  Americans won’t get to see it.  But Canadians will!

Canadian broadcaster Shaw Media is still planning on screening the production in Spring 2011.  It will inevitably turn up online, and I daresay all this drama means that more people will see it than might originally have.  I for one can’t wait!

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