Best Picture Nominations

There are a few things about this year’s oscar nominations that I found confusing, but 2 that really stand out.  Firstly, HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD IS RYAN GOSLING NOT NOMINATED?!?  Secondly, WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT NOMINATED FOR BEST PICTURE?!?  I just don’t get it.  However, the rest of the best picture nominations sit well with me, and I was happy to see “Winter’s Bone” nominated despite the fact that it was released ages ago by Oscar terms.  It’s a brilliant film.  I’m looking forward to seeing the nominated films I have yet to see over the next couple of weeks.

And now, for your amusement, have put together their versions of the nominated films’ posters in a gallery entitled “if the Best Picture nominees told the truth”.  Wonderful.

You can find the rest of them here.

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