For Your Viewing Pleasure…

A bit of Robyn.  GOD DAMN I LOVE THIS WOMAN.  I mean, really, I can’t think of any other artist (with the exception of my hero Dolly Parton) who I am so passionate about.  Here she is doing an impromptu performance of “Show Me Love” (stolen from the lovely Donal Mulligan’s Tumblr):

The only problem is that it’s too short, which can not be said for this meaty Jersey Shore trailer:

I love those guidos.  I really do.  Roll on April 4.  And finally, a bit of Justin Timberlake.  I’d almost forgotten about my fondness for him until he started doing the publicity for whatever film he has out that led to him and Mila “SUPERHOT” Kunis doing interviews and accepting dates with random Marines, but I have remembered.  And as part of this publicity drive he appeared on Jimmy Fallon, where he and the host performed a sequel to this magnificent 2010performance chronicling the history of rap:

BRILLIANT.  Check out the new effort here.

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