Let’s look at videos of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake!

Last week I went to see 2 Ryan Gosling movies in the space of 24 hours.  I started with Drive, in which he was his usual sexy self, driving around the place like a big ridey ride (even my boyfriend turned to me and whispered “He’s a ride isn’t he?”), however, there were some fairly graphic and gruesome scenes of violence which left me with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.  I don’t know about you, but watching someone stamp someone else’s skull in doesn’t do much for me in the “turney on” department.

Fortunately, Ryan Gosling is in almost every movie in the entire world at the moment (he and Emma Stone have got it all cornered, and hey, I ain’t complainin’), so I was able to go and see Crazy, Stupid, Love the following morning.  And WOWEE ZOWEE did that sort me out.  Sweet mother molasses, I have not ever been so, em…moved, shall we say, in the cinema.  His character’s entire role is essentially to be ridey and charming, so every shot is designed to show you how gorgeous he is.  Slow, panning shots of his naked back…zooming in on his six pack, his gorgeous eyes…ANYWAY.  It was great.

So needless to say the Gosling obsession lives on, and I was only bleedin’ delira to spend this morning looking at videos of him and Justin Timberlake when they were kids on the Mickey Mouse Club.  Sure what else would I be doing???  Here are some of the finest available specimens (It should be said here that obviously these videos did not have the same effect on me as Crazy, Stupid, Love, that would be massively inappropriate.):

1.  The boys talk to Xscape.  Yes, Xscape.  WHAT A NAME.

2.  Ryan, Justin and JC Chasez are a little bit older here and singing a slow jam.  If you’re bored skip to 1:44 where you get to see some solid vocalizin’ and hand gestures.

3.  Ryan is mortified in front of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera as his mom lays down the law.  Britney is not impressed.  He is SO CUTE in this one.

4.  Let Ryan show you some of his favourite spots in his hometown of Cornwall, Ontario:

I’m going to leave it there, because I fear that if I go any further he’ll take out a restraining order.  And also because I really want to go buy some corn on the cob.  YAY RYAN!

P.S.  The 90s…wow.

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