I’m going to say something now, and it’s going to be useful.  It could actually change your life if you are a man, and you have relationships with women.  All you have to do is take this piece of information and process it, and then remember it the next time you’re in a situation where it is relevant (which is OFTEN in most cases).  Are you ready?  Here it is:

Most of the time, when women are talking about a thing or a situation that bothers them, they DO NOT WANT SOLUTIONS OR RATIONALISATION.  What they want is a big hug, and a “that’s crap, isn’t it?”.  That’s it.  If they do want your advice or a solution, they will say “What do you think?” or “What should I do?”.

It is not a new concept, it has been beautifully demonstrated in an episode of Modern Family, and yet it is something that many fail to understand.  C’mon lads, let’s do it together.  For your happiness, and for ours.

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