Patronising video enforcing stereotypes takes a stand against stereotypes…or something.

Check out this patronising video (commissioned by the EU) enforcing stereotypes taking a stand against stereotypes! (via

Ok, before we even get to the main event, can we just talk about how incredibly dated this is? It immediately reminded me of this:

It’s like the anti-modern.  You have to wonder who came up with the concept because in my head it’s about 3 middle aged men sitting around having a conversation like this:

Dirk:  “But how are we going to make girls like science?  It just doesn’t make sense.”

Ed:  “I know Dirk, but that’s what those dimwits at the EU are asking us to do.  We’ll have to think of something.”

Johnson:  “Dirk, Ed, calm down.  This is simple.  All we have to do is ask ourselves, what do girls like…and I think we know what girls like.  First of all, there has to be pink.”

Ed:  “And makeup!  They LOVE makeup!  My sister’s kid is always going on about it.”

Johnson:  “Now you’ve got it!”

Dirk:  “They love high heels!  GIRLS LOVE HIGH HEELS!”

Johnson:  “Simple, right?  Pink, makeup, high heels…some kind of jazzy music, throw in a few shots of a microscope and we’re done!”

Dirk:  “You’re so clued in Johnson.”

Johnson:  “I know, right?”

They all pat each other on the back and pour themselves a scotch.

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