“A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine.” Anne Bronte

Sunshine makes everything better.  FACT.

Yes, I am a victim of the recession.  Yes, I have to sign on for the first time in my life.  Yes, I’m feeling sad and disappointed at certain aspects of my circumstance…but when the sun is out everything stressful seems so inconsequential!

There certainly wasn’t any stress in my weekend.  I ventured off to Donegal in a minibus full of mates on Friday afternoon to surprise our mate Gerard before he heads off the New York for a new adventure.  We love him to bits, and wanted to make sure he knew that and also of course to ensure that we have a bed to stay in the next time we go to NYC (I jest).  I think he knows fo sheezy now how important he is to us, but I have to say, rather selfishly, I’d be fairly sure I got more out of the weekend than he did.  We had booked the waterbus for Friday night which heads off the coast for a couple of hours (bar on board of course), and some of the views from it were spectacular.

As you can see here!

The night was full of drinking, dancing and merriment so while many had to head back to Galway on Saturday I was delighted to stay with a few heads in Donegal for another night.  We ventured all the way to Kilcar, taking in more beautiful views along the way.

And upon arrival, the local barkeep was more than happy to break out a table and chairs so we could have a few beverages outside.  Add a car with tunes and we were on to an absolute winner.

A BBQ, an Indian, and many beers later, I am back in Galway dealing with real life.  Which as I mentioned doesn’t seem so bad in the sun.

Today real life consists of an appointment with the beach.

Hard times.


Louise xx

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