Confession Time.

Right.  Now I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and I’m not going to lie it’s been difficult to come to terms with.  What I’m about to type is not going to make me popular…it’s not going to make me cool…you may even be disappointed in me.  However, I’ve just got to say it.


Yep.  I really do.  I like her silly facial expressions, her big hair and slightly dodgy (sometimes very dodgy) makeup.  She is the part of the X Factor I look forward to most.  She’s just got it!  I hope her confidence and star quality doesn’t mean she’s going to go out prematurely in the competition, I reckon people are confusing her natural stage presence with arrogance.  The girl has got it, and if you’re still doubting that fact have a look at last week’s group performance.  You’ll find her bit is the only interesting part of the whole thing.

Yep.  Love the dickie bow too!

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