I’ve been lazy.  I’ll admit it.  I’ve been ignoring the niggling voice in the back of my head telling me I need to post here and there is no excuse for it.  A friend said to me yesterday, “People do actually check your blog Louise….” so apologies to anyone who has been doing that.  I vow, from today, that I will be much more attentive.

So, what’s been happening?  Well, fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to do a few more shows on 2fm which is brilliant.  I have found working there really pleasant, the 2fm listeners are lovely and the staff I’ve met have been really welcoming (and forgiving of my mistakes, and there have been mistakes).  It’s really nice to be on air again, and lovely to hear from listeners from the West who I’ve been missing since I left i.  I’m on again on Christmas Morning from 7-10 (which will be an experience) and then for the full week between Christmas and New Year’s Day from 7-10.  If you find yourself awake between those hours do have a listen, send me in an auld text and say hello.

Socially, I’ve been to what feels like a million amazing gigs, most recently LCD Soundsystem in Tripod on Friday night.  It was the second time I have seen them this year and they were fantastic, they play all the songs you want to hear and create an amazing atmosphere.  Well done them.  Also, it was my second visit to Tripod in 10 days and I have decided that I really like it as a venue.  Well done Tripod.  Highlight of the night?  Waiting for the beat to kick in during Dance Yourself Clean, which they opened with, although a close second was seeing the boyfriends’ hands in the air and a face of pure euphoria as they played “Tribulations”.

Also, I am absolutely loving “Coppers” on Channel 4.  They describe it thus, “Filmed across England, from inner cities to country beats, Coppers reveals what the police are up against every day of their working lives.”  I think it’s brilliant, the feature police men and women are honest in a way that I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen before in terms of law enforcement.  You find out not only what they’re up against, but also what they really think of the people they deal with on a daily basis, and often their compassion has surprised me.  You can watch it here.  I think the Emergency Response episode is my favourite so far.

Other than that, I was disappointed by Deathly Hallows, and I’m as shocked as everyone else by this revelation.  As for the state of the country…the less said the better.



  1. Byron B Yeates · November 22, 2010

    This is SO true (in reference to the first paragraph) I actually do check your blog quite a bit and was disappointed that you hadn’t posted in ages, but glad to see some fresh meat today keep it up x

  2. Stevo · November 26, 2010

    yusss!!! I’m quoted 🙂

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