Forever Lazy

If I were to write an autobiography, I think Forever Lazy would be an appropriate title, so you can imagine my delight when I came across this:

There are many varieties of onesies available these days, but there have always been a few issues for me.  First, I can’t abide my feet being enclosed.  I need to be able to wriggle my toes in the fresh air if the desire strikes me.  Secondly, going to the toilet!  I mean, how would one manage?  Thirdly, would I be able to “party down with friends” while wearing a onesie?  I just didn’t know.

Thank God the Forever Lazy has addressed all of these issues.  This is the onesie for me.  Also, as it is unlikely that I will ever take it off, I’ll be easily identified and my media profile will skyrocket.  I’ll be “that girl who is sometimes on the radio who always wears the onesie!”  WIN.

(Thanks to Karen for alerting me to this wonderful ad.)

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