John Galliano

You may have heard at this stage that John Galliano was suspended from Dior last week after he was arrested for making anti-semitic comments in the Marais district of Paris.  He was said to be having a few drinks during his final preparations for Fashion Week, when he decided to throw a few insults at some of the people in the bar.  The Marais district is known to be the Jewish district of Paris, so apparently he saw fit to make those insults anti-semitic.  SMART!  Last week,  his lawyer denied that such remarks were made saying, “There was an argument. Mr. Galliano was verbally attacked but at no time did he use… insults of a racist or anti-Semitic character. We have witnesses to back up his version of events.”

Pretty sure said lawyer will be smacking his head against his desk when he sees the video that the Sun got their hands on.  Whoopsy!

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