Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die

Terry Pratchett is an English novellist who most people will know for his work in the genre of fantasy.  I’ve never read anything he’s written (not so much for the fantasy ,me) but everyone I know who has read him waxes lyrically about his work, and in 1998 he was given an OBE for his services to Literature.  Terry, on average, has written 2 books a year since 1983 and his next book will be released in October of this year.  He describes the monetary rewards of his work as “an unavoidable consequence” rather than a motivational factor, he writes to write.  Writing is Terry’s life.  However, that life may be cut short.

Having been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease in 2007, writing has become increasingly difficult for Terry Pratchett.  He now dictates to an assistant or uses speech recognition software, which help at the moment.  Terry does not know how long he will be able to continue, but he does know that he does not want to get to the point where his condition prevents him from living the life he loves.  In an article published in 2009, Terry Pratchett stated that he wished to commit “assisted suicide”, and last week in a one of documentary for the BBC he explored this idea.

It was definitely one of the most powerful pieces of television I have ever seen, if not the most powerful.  It’s not the easiest watch, but I believe it is essential that we give these matters thought, and I highly recommend it to all of you.  Your thoughts are welcome.

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