What Might Have Been…

I’m still sad about Cheryl Cole.  The whole thing seems so cruel y’now?  I was surprised when it was announced that she was going to be a judge on American X Factor, but figured she must have proven herself after the months and months of speculation.  I felt it was really cruel when after just 2 weeks she was unceremoniously ousted, and still feel a bit sad about the whole thing.  I know, I know, she’s minted, she could have come back to X Factor UK, why the hell should you feel sorry for her?  I don’t have an explanation, I just feel sad about it, and I was interested to get my eyes on some of the stuff recorded before she was out on her ear.  This is a video of the official X Factor announcement and presentation in the States, and in it we get a little glimpse of herself.  Looks good to me!

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