Irish fans are GAS.

What will we do to retaliate to Croatian chants on the tram on the way to the match lads?

The Irish are doing us proud at the Euros, maybe not in terms of football, but we’re definitely winning in terms of craic.


I’m going to say something now, and it’s going to be useful.  It could actually change your life if you are a man, and you have relationships with women.  All you have to do is take this piece of information and process it, and then remember it the next time you’re in a situation where it is relevant (which is OFTEN in most cases).  Are you ready?  Here it is:

Most of the time, when women are talking about a thing or a situation that bothers them, they DO NOT WANT SOLUTIONS OR RATIONALISATION.  What they want is a big hug, and a “that’s crap, isn’t it?”.  That’s it.  If they do want your advice or a solution, they will say “What do you think?” or “What should I do?”.

It is not a new concept, it has been beautifully demonstrated in an episode of Modern Family, and yet it is something that many fail to understand.  C’mon lads, let’s do it together.  For your happiness, and for ours.

Lennon and Maisy

If you know me at all you know that I absolutely love Robyn, so obviously I loved the Erato cover of her song “Call Your Girlfriend”, and today I’ve loving a new cover of that cover!  I’m loving it becuase A) it’s good, and B) the singers are 8 and 12.  8 and 12.  That’s 2nd class and 6th class (I think).  WOW.

Oh and Lennon plays guitar too.  Pretty well.

I don’t know about you but I’m impressed.  And feeling inadequate.

Dublin Housewives

I’ve watched 3 episodes of Dublin Housewives now, so I think it’s time to say a few words.  Ok, I’ve already said loads of words over on Twitter, but it’s time to say a few words here.  Despite the bizarro scheduling (how many episodes are we going to get?  Is it just going to be on for a week and then disappear for ages a la Come Dine With Me?  What’s that about?!?), I’m enjoying it, but then that’s hardly a surprise given my penchant for shite telly.  Let’s do a quick rundown of the characters:

1.  Virginia Macari:  She’s my favourite so far.  I think she’s actually relatively genuine given the situation, she’s firey which I like and I can’t help but be slightly seduced by how beautiful she is.  She’s just had a baby, and is currently obsessed with expressing milk and her new swimwear line.

2.  Jo:  Jo makes me sad because she is so sad.  She’s made her way from Ballymun to Castleknock and she has a son.  That’s the good stuff.  She seems quite sweet at the core of it but her obvious unhappiness in her marriage is tough to watch.  Also, I can’t help but mention that she could do with a friendly run-in with POD from “Snog, Marry, Avoid”; she’s a good looking woman but there’s a frightening amount of hairspray, tan and panstick going on.

3.  Roz:  Wife, mother…tumbleweed.

4.  Lisa Murphy:  I mean…how could you not love Lisa?  By her own admission, she’s been minded her whole life, whether by her family or her boyfriends, and she is essentially a whisp of candyfloss dolled up the nines 24/7.  She gets bonus points for the fact that her beauty salon is called “A New Lisa Life” and of COURSE for her accent.  It’s incredible.  The stuff of legend.  You have to hear it to believe it, or else you could trawl through the Gift Grub archives and hear what they’ve done with it.

5.  Danielle:  Danielle is a Botox practitioner with a son.  She loves her son and rugby players (as long as they don’t have a brain…no really, she said that) and hates pretty much everything else.  She will be the source of most of the conflict as she is one of those “I’M NOT A BITCH I’M JUST HONEST” bitches.  However, she is currently in my good books because tonight she uttered one of the best statements I’ve ever heard on Irish tv.

“I wouldn’t attend Michael O’Doherty’s VIP Style Awards. There are a million things i’d rather do than attend that sunburned fuckwit’s cabaret tonight.”

Amazing.  She then went on to make a very salient point about how she wouldn’t “rate a woman on the frock she’s wearing” which I liked too.  FEMINISM?  That’s the last thing we expected.  Well done Danielle.

Overall, it’s very entertaining for someone like me who occasionally likes to be entertained/made-feel-slightly-smug/not-have-to-use-my-brain-very-much while watching telly of a weeknight.  I’m looking forward to future gems from Danielle, although tonight’s will be hard to beat.

Les Mis Goes to Hollywood (in which Louise reveals just how far her nerdy musical obsession goes)

I know Les Mis.  I know Les Mis so well that there is scarcely a nuance I am not able to describe in great detail from the original cast recording  which I stole from a family I was babysitting for* when I was 13 and listened to constantly for 4 and half years.  I imagined I was Cosette, Eponine and later Fantine.  I sang “I Dreamed a Dream” for school concerts in America**, London and then for my Leaving Cert.  I cried at least 5 times when I eventually got to see it in the West End, and I think there is still a tiny part of me that wishes evil on every little girl who get’s to play the young Cosette because they are LIVING MY DREAM.  I love Les Mis.

Needless to say I was skeptical when they started talking about a movie, partially because it’s so precious to me, and partially because I just don’t think many musicals have been done justice on screen in recent times.  (Dreamgirls or The Producers anyone?)  I was even less excited when it was announced that Anne Hathaway would be playing Fantine.  I don’t like to go hating on random people I don’t know, especially girls, but she just really gets on my wick with her “I’m really wholesome and just SO SO refined and gracious and clever” routine.  However, the trailer for the film is out and not only does it look pretty amazing, I really buy Anne Hathaway as Fantine in the bits they show us!  I’m shocked, but more than shocked, I’m excited!  Time to break out that CD!***

*I am not proud of this, but so desperate was I for some Broadway in my life that I literally couldn’t resist.  My deepest apologies to that family now and forever, I can only imagine what singalong opportunities I have deprived you of over the years.

**We’ve moved a lot.

***Who the F am I kidding, it’s on my iPhone and I listen to it on the regular.